Web3 Platform Valuation Model
This model estimates the market cap of a web3 platform's native token given the platform's adoption level, perceived moat, and the overall crypto market condition. For a detailed explanation of the model, check out this article.
Input 1: Platform fundamentals
Fill in at least one of the above for the platform you want to evaluate. Ideally you want to fill in both to compare results from two versions of the model. You can find these data for major blockchain platforms on Artemis.

These markups are constant values that signify the perceived moat or investment risk of a platform. The markups are typically higher for platforms that have longer history and wider adoption, and lower for new platforms. For your reference, here are empirical markup values for some of the major blockchain platforms. You can pick one of these reference values. The default values are the average markups across the 12 blockchain platforms in the origianl data source of the model.

For address based model:

Algorand: 0.0; Aptos -0.7; Avalanche: 1.4; BSC: 2.6; Bitcoin: 5.2; Ethereum: 3.8; Flow: -0.5; Polygon: 0.9; Near: 0.7; Optimism: -2.0; XRP: 3.2; Solana: 0.9

For transaction volume based model:

Algorand: 0.0; Aptos: -0.1; Avalanche: 1.7; BSC: 3.1; Bitcoin: 6.2; Ethereum: 4.6; Flow: 0.0; Polygon: 1.2; Near: 1.0; Optimism: -1.5; XRP: 3.3; Solana: 1.0

Input 2: Crypto market condition
You can change the above value to the current crypto market cap or any hypothetical value.
Output: Predicted token market cap
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